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  • Order Of Battle

    Osprey Publishing. Order Of Battle

    Тема выпусков тактика в примерах.

    In modern use, the order of battle of an armed force participating in a military operation or campaign shows the hierarchical organization, command structure, strength, disposition of personnel, and equipment of units and formations of the armed force. Various abbreviations are in use, including OOB, O/B, or OB, while ORBAT remains the most common in the United Kingdom. An order of battle should be distinguished from a table of organisation, which is the intended composition of a given unit or formation according to the military doctrine of its armed force. As combat operations develop during a campaign, orders of battle may be revised and altered in response to the military needs and challenges. Also the known details of an order of battle may change during the course of executing the commanders' after action reports and/or other accounting methods (e.g. despatches) as combat assessment is conducted.

    Список журналов и монографий в серии:

    001 - Gettysburg July 1-1863 Confederate.pdf
    002 - Gettysburg July 1-1863 Union Army of the Potomac.pdf
    003 - Quebec 1759.pdf
    004 - The Ardennes Offensive. VI Panzer Armee - Northern Sector.pdf
    005 - The Ardennes Offensive. US V Corps & XVIII (Airborne) Corps.Northern Sector.pdf
    008 - The Ardennes Offensive. V Panzer Armee Central Sector.pdf
    009 - The Ardennes Offensive. US VII & VIII Corps and British XXX Corps - Central Sector.pdf
    011 - Gettysburg July 3-1863. Union - The Army Of The Potomac.pdf
    012 - The Ardennes Offensive. I Armee & Vii Armee Southern Sector.pdf
    013 - The Ardennes Offensive. Us III & XII Corps Southern Sector.pdf

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