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  • Raid

    Osprey Publishing. Raid

    Тема выпусков военные операции.

    Raids carried out by small units, special forces and counter-terrorist operatives are a military quandary. They can be astoundingly successful, defying the odds as a small number of soldiers operating in difficult environments are able to exact a massive tactical victory, sometimes capable of changing the course of a war. Or the raiders can find themselves isolated, surrounded by a superior enemy force and with no chance of escape, their mission a colossal failure. Raid is the new series from Osprey Publishing, which looks at both sides of these engrossing stories. Its unique approach will give the reader a detailed analysis of each raid, describing the background, the initial strategy, how the action played out, and an assessment of its success. Bringing each of these epic engagements to life, Raid uncovers some incredible tales of heroism and military skill, discussing what went right, what went wrong and revealing the men ­behind these bold actions.

    Список журналов и монографий в серии:

    01 - Rangers Lead the Way - Pointe-du-Hoc D-Day 1944.pdf
    02 - Israel’s Lightning Strike - The Raid on Entebbe 1976.pdf
    03 - The Cabanatuan Prison Raid.The Philippines 1945.pdf
    04 - Who Dares Wins - The SAS and the Iranian Embassy Siege 1980.pdf
    05 - The Great Locomotive Chase - The Andrews Raid 1862.pdf
    06 - The Samurai - Capture a King Okinawa 1609.pdf
    07 - The Blocking of Zeebrugge - Operation Z-O 1918.pdf
    08 - The Cockleshell Raid - Bordeaux 1942.pdf
    09 - Rescuing Mussolini - Gran Sasso 1943.pdf
    10 - Certain Death in Sierra Leone, The SAS and Operation Barras 2000.pdf
    11 - Pegasus Bridge - Benouville D-Day 1944.pdf
    12 - Roughshod Through Dixie.pdf
    13 - The Bruneval Raid - Operation Biting 1942.pdf
    14 - The Los Banos Prison Camp Raid.pdf
    15 - A Far-Flung Gamble - Havana 1762.pdf
    16 - Dambusters - Operation Chastise 1943.pdf
    17 - The Great Expedition - Sir Francis Drake on the Spanish Main 1585-1586.pdf
    22 - Decatur’s Bold and Daring Act – The Philadelphia in Tripoli 1804.pdf
    23 - The Revenge of the 47 Ronin Edo 1703.pdf
    24 - The Last Boarding Party The USMC and the SS Mayaguez 1975.pdf
    25 - Ride Around Missouri Shelby’s Great Raid 1863.pdf
    26 - Tora! Tora! Tora! Pearl Harbor 1941.pdf

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